Nail Services



Pamper yourself with our spa manicure in our pipeless massage chairs. Enjoy complimentary champagne or wine while pampering yourself with our luxury service (some services only). For our compliance with Health and Safety regulation, each service have to pay additional charge of FBP (File Buffer Pack).

Artificial Nail Services

Shellac Manicure
Shellac manicure is the new manicure treatment that is superior to traditional nail polish. Its slick, shiny polish look is resistant to smudging and lasts longer. Only available if done by licensed professionals, it only need to change polish when new growth starts showing. Available with Polish, Manicure, Spoil Me Manicure or French

Solar Manicure
White and pink acrylics that is applied directly to the natural nail to achieve the dual-toned look of a French manicure. Is it also known as pink and white manicure. Available with pink, white, pearl or white tip. Full set or Refill.

French Manicure
An elegant and simple style that accentuate the white tips of nails by applying some coatings.

Extra Services
Nail Repair, Nail Take Off, Extra Color Line, Design, French Gel Coating Polish Change Hands, French Polish Change Hand, Polish Change Toes and French Polish Change Toes.

Hand Treatment

Express Manicure
Nails shaping, cuticle grooming, polish.

Classic Manicure
Nail clip, file, buff, cuticle maintenance and a top coat polish with a relaxing hand massage. Approximately 20 minutes.

Deluxe Spa Manicure
Pamper your hands with a special manicure follow by soak and exfoliating crystals treatment with creative spa product, hot towel wraps that will leave your hands smooth and silky enjoy a relaxing hand, arm & shoulder massage with this one of a kind manicure

Shellac Nails Full Set
Shellac Polish

Pamper Me Manicure
The perfect manicure for someone on the run. We start by taking off the old polish, cuticle trimming and filing is done, followed by a moisturizing exfoliation, then a relaxing massage, followed by polish. Approximately 30 minutes.

Spoil Me Manicure
This is a luxurious hand treatment. First we begin with removing the old polish and shaping the nails. Next we exfoliate the hands, followed by a hand mask. We then treat your arms and hands to a hot stone massage, followed by a paraffin dip. Approximately 35 minutes.

VIP Spa Manicure
Pamper your hands in VIP spa room followed almost like deluxe spa manicure but we add on paraffin Hot Wax , extra arm shoulder massage and fruit, champagne or wine always complementary.

Choices of lotions
We have a wide variety of lotions you can choose to use in your treatment. Some available selections are:

Lavender & Wildflower
Vanilla Coconut
Sensual Rose
Milk & Honey
Lemon Lime



* Complimentary Beverage: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Champagne, Wine, or Beer. Available for Deluxe and VIP Clients Only. Must be 21 Years Old. One drink limit per customer.



Pamper yourself with our relaxing pedicure in our pipeless massage chairs. Enjoy complimentary champagne or wine while pampering yourself with our luxury service (some services only). For our compliance with Health and Safety regulation, each service have to pay additional charge of FBP (File Buffer Pack).

Feet Treatments

Express Pedicure
Nail clip. file. buff, cuticle maintenance, and a top coat protein polish. Approximately 15 minutes.

Classic Pedicure
Nail clip. file. buff, cuticle maintenance, hot towel wrap, and a top coat protein polish with a foot and ankle massage. Approximately 30 minutes.

Pamper Me Pedicure
Complete relaxation for your feet! Polish is removed and your feet are placed in our whirlpool bath. While you enjoy the heated massaging chairs, our technician begins shaping and buffing nails. We then remove calluses and cuticle work is done. Your feet are then exfoliated with a hydrating sugar scrub. One the sugar scrub is dissolved, then a relaxing 10 min. foot massage, followed by polish. Ahhh …… Approximately 45 minutes.

Spoil Me Manicure
Word cannot begin to describe this pedicure, but we will try. We remove the polish and have you soak in our whirlpool bath. We then work on your cuticles and remove all calluses. Then a hot stone massage to relax those tired feet. Next comes our exfoliation treatment with sugar scrub, and once dissolved it’s followed b y our mask. Finally, our staff then indulges you in a 20 min leg and foot massage, followed up with a paraffin dip, and ending with polish. We hope you enjoy this luxury. Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

VIP Spa Pedicure
The VIP spa pedicure is been use with the Creative Spa Products (That is one of the TOP Products in Spa Industries). Sit back and get prepared to smooth your entire body through our pipeless massage chairs. Pamper your feet with a special soak and exfoliation treatment, Paraffin wax, deep callus remove, leaving your feet smooth and silky. A relaxing foot and ankle massage is added to this one of a kind pedicure.
VIP spa pedicure is served inside VIP room. All products used by TOP of the Line in Spa Industries.

Champagne, Wine and Fruits always complimentary for this VIP service.

Feet Treatments Add On

Paraffin Treatment (never recycle), Polish Change, French or American, Callus Removal, Toe Set, Toe Nails (each) Design

Combined Treatments

We offer combination services that may suit you better if you need both hands and feet treatments. We offer classic manicure & pedicure for basic services as well as spa pedicure & spa manicure for a fuller experience.

Kids Services


Why not let us take care of your kids with some fun pampering time in our salon? It is a great idea for birthday parties, graduation parties or other social events.

Kids Manicure
Regular Manicure, Pamper Me Manicure and Spoil Me Manicure.

Kids Pedicure
Regular Pedicure, Pamper Me Pedicure, Spoil Me Pedicure with Extra Color Line and Design options.